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Petra du Preez is a consultant for a substantial clientele who value her combination of psychological insight and astrological skill. She contributed over the years to various South African magazines, and currently writes for You, Huisgenoot and Marie Claire. She is also the online astrologer for mweb.co.za and women24.com. Read what others had to say about her...

‘I was going through my draws and found your tape, I listened to it again and found it very interesting. So as you said that I might do something completely different in New Zealand you were right.’ C.M.

‘Heel eerstens wil ek jou geluk wens met jou sterre voorspelling, jy is absoluut fantasties!!! Ek is ‘n mans persoon 47 jaar jonk, en ek koop gereeld elke week die Huisgenoot, en die heel eerste artikel wat ek lees is my sterre. Jy is so gereeld in die kol met jou voorspellings, en nie net met myne nie, maar ook van ander mense na aan my, dit is net ongelooflik.’ M.A.

‘I think that you are so accurate and that I`m hooked on checking out astrozone. My star sign is Aries and I just think you do a good job of telling us about what`s going on in our lives.’ C.E.

‘In 1997, still in Fairlady, you gave me advice that was a great help. I was just out of a divorce and can report that I met a great man shortly after that, got married and is living happily after. So just a big thanks for your advice, articles and books.’ S.A.

‘I just wanted to tell you that your horoscope is the best and I don’t miss them in every edition of your magazine. Keep up the good work.’ Olavi

‘Ek en my kerel baklei elke Maandag oor wie eerste die Huisgenoot lees, en dan is die eerste artikel op ons altwee se lys altyd jou sterre. Baie dankie vir ‘n puik rubriek.’ L.A.

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On another planet
By Riette Rust

Petra du Preez doesn’t conform to most people’s idea of an astrologer. She is not clad in weird and colourful garb. Nor does she glance into a crystal ball when she divulges planetary influences on your life. Two things do strike you, though: her eyes of the bluest blue – they seem to be illuminated.
As soon as she sat down, I just knew that she was born under the sign of Scorpio. It takes one to recognise one.

Petra du Preez is renowned as the author of books such as Astro Office star.signs@work, a Horoscope series and magazine horoscopes. Her ASTRO diary 2007 is fresh from the press.

This cheerful pink diary has room for your daily planning and shows your moon sign and calendar, enabling you to plan your day even better. It also contains info on your star sign, for example: a Libran could consider music or the law as a career and a Leo looks good in orange or gold. It also gives the sign of your ideal mate.

“There’s a huge difference between the horoscope in a magazine/newspaper and your birth chart astrology,” says Petra. Horoscopes are like watching the weather on CNN. You get a basic idea of weather patterns in South Africa, or in the case of the horoscopes: what is in store for people born under your star sign. Birth chart astrology, however, tells you about the weather in your specific suburb, i.e. what the planetary influences on your life are. She promises to read my birth chart as well in a little while…

Petra has always wanted to know what makes people tick, especially since she read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs at the age of 16. But she first obtained a B.Comm degree from the University of Stellenbosch, after which she taught accounting. She continued reading extensively on astrology. Years later she happened to be in the right place at the right time, she says. “At the counter of a café, the astrologer Dominique Faccetti asked me if I was a Scorpio!”

Faccetti started training Petra in astrology, after which she completed a correspondence course through the London Astrological Faculty. And now, after years of analysing clients’ birth charts, she is studying for a diploma in medieval astrology.

She was a founding member of the Cape Astrology Association and is a regular speaker at the international astrology conference, Argo that is held annually in September. This year she spoke about the relationship patterns of celebrity babies. Little Surie, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for example, has a special and rare bond with her parents. Venus and Uranus are placed in close proximity in the birth charts of all three of them. “This means that Surie will need a lot of freedom in her personal life, just like her parents,” says Petra.

Clients consult her for confirmation in major decisions, she says. “I advise them about cycles in their lives.” She advises them, for example, to spend less money during a certain period, to invest money, to acquire a pet or start a business.

Clients often seek answers about their relationships. She refers those with serious crises to a psychologist, however.

What are the so-called fire and water signs? There are twelve basic star signs (such as Virgo and Sagittarius) that represent the energy patterns of the cosmos, she explains. They are subdivided into signs representing the elements, such as fire, earth, water and air. This means that people born under these signs show similarities and that a relationship with somebody of the same element should have a better chance at succeeding. Water signs (Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces) for example, tend to be emotional and sensitive while fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are usually fiery extroverts bursting with energy, Petra says.

And how does she know that Scorpios can be identified by their piercing eyes? She’s one herself, after all. “Astrology is a huge source of knowledge. It has been gathered and recorded since before the birth of Christ.”

Petra laughingly shrugs off sceptics, like the customs official who, when reading ‘astrologer’ on her form, remarked in wonder: “Oh, does that mean these things are for real?”
Petra says she doesn’t know if there are horoscope-writers who suck things out of their thumbs. She’s not one of them.

About some people perceiving her job as unchristian, she has the following to say: “I consider astrology as being outside of religion.”

People are often immediately fascinated when they learn that she’s an astrologer, simply because they confuse her job with that of an astronomer. “‘An astronomer studies the physical planetary system, while I observe the effect of the planets on humankind,” she explains.

When Petra isn’t busy with the planets, she loves to travel. She’s on her way to Italy next year. So am I! She is passionate about food and wine. So am I. She adores her two cats. As I do mine. Our husbands share a birthday. She and I have birthdays within a week of each other!

Petra notes down the date, time and place of my birth and analyses my birth chart which is full of indecipherable, weird squiggles and symbols.

“I am SO excited for you. Next year is a huge career year for you…” she says, eyes ablaze. Later she notices in my planets that I have thespian leanings. I did study drama. “Psychology was a choice?” she wants to know. Yip! “And you have extraordinary determination.” Yip. “You’re also psychic.” I did know that she was a Scorpio, after all. And I often know that things are going to happen before they do….
This astrologer may not look into a crystal ball, but an invisible one might be lurking somewhere…

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